— KATE SPADE


I have come a long way since picking up my first camera, 13 years ago. What started out as a fun way to spend my weekend with friends (read: dressing up and taking photos) has now evolved into my life passion.I am an artist from London, ON specializing in weddings, portraits and films. I am currently living my best life with my hubby John and our two pups, Arya and Ginny, but am always willing to travel for a new adventure.

When I'm off the clock, I love homesteading, making puns, dancing bingeing on both TV shows and chocolate chip cookies, and hanging out with my little family. I can never commit to the same hair colour for long and the majority of my wardrobe is made up of amazing thrift store finds. (For a peek into my life, follow my personal Instagram) I love DIYs, chocolate (did I mention I love chocolate?), Disney movies and playing board games with friends and family. 

My goal is to capture life in all its incredible colours and moments, with a focus on both local and destination weddings. I value continuous learning and am constantly evolving to make my customer's experience unlike any other. I aim to create beautiful memories for all my clients, while offering customizable services that are worth every penny.

It would be my honour to be trusted with your most precious moments, and I promise to deliver a collection that you will cherish for years to come. Let's talk!

Love, Emily